Sonu Nigam a failed singer or Sehwag a failed sportsman-Sanjay Jha does not leave a stone untouched!

Sonu Nigam’s comments on Azaan and forced religiousness of Muslims has already triggered the Muslim sentiments which was followed with a series of outrageous outbreak of tweets.

The whole nation is on fire specially the Muslim community who had directly accused the Bollywood singer at great heights. Among them, the Congress spoke person Sanjay Jha’s comments were like adding fuel to the fire. He opposed every celebrity or person who spoke for the notion agreeing to Nigam (who spoke against Azaan and loudspeaker).

Congress has repeatedly oppressed the advancement of India. It never backed from supporting the anti-national activities. They had always supported the western civilization and the separation of Kashmir. Sanjay Jha today proved and carried on the gene of Congress in what they have been doing since ages.

The chauvinism or the nationalism what they have been following raises several doubts which are too many to pen down. The ruling passion of Congress is such massive that they welcome with open arms who insults and hurts the nation. They define nationalism  by making fun of our country, making fun of Hindu culture, by uplifting terrorism and conciliating with anti-nationals.

Sanjay Jha in his comments had indirectly abused all celebrities including athletes and singers who had raised voice for the nation.

In response to Jha’s posts he had been backfired by violent replies. Which goes as follows:

Jha’s memory and senses are worth a while as because he might be in a trance of suffering from short term memory disorder while commenting on athletes and celebrities.

We all know Sehwag and the amount of respect he brought to our nation. He made us proud. But Mr. Sanjay Jha forgot that Sehwag is the only cricketer to score two triple centuries. He is reported as one of the deadliest player of the Indian team where he has proved to be a night terror for all international bowlers.

Jha also commented against Gambhir, there too he forgot that Gambhir was the highest scorer of the T-20 final against Pakistan.

Coming to Sonu Nigam, Jha forgot that he is a successful singer and have bagged several awards. Nevertheless, even singer Abhijeet had once been a successful singer of his time.

Sanjay Jha and his pathetic and ridiculous, insensitive views will always be and remain a joke shack.