How to establish “Sharia Law in India in 3 Years”?Watch the Shocking Speech of Muslim Cleric

No doubt Sharia Law is also considered as a brutal law stand as the law of the nation for many Muslim countries. The Sharia Law comprises of Burkha, Triple Talaq, Killing women for adultery by throwing stones, chopping hand of thieves and many other cruel activities.
These Sharia laws have been in the Arabic countries for a long and the disciples have followed these laws whole heartedly going beyond the inhumanity limits.
India a Hindu majority country has always declines such laws and stand against the implementation of such laws too in the country.
The Arab countries have a handsome wealth to pump the flow in the neighboring countries like India.
So along with the money these Muslim nations wants to send their Sharia Laws in India too. The Muslim heads in these countries insists their followers to convert Hindus into Islamic by love Jihad or filling their ears against their own religion.
Here too we can see a religious Guru asking its disciples to convert the Hindus into Islamic preachers.
Watch his ultimate revolting speech here