Reports Reveal that 98 Hindus Killed and 357 Injured In Bangladesh in 2016! Why is the World Still Silent??

It is shocking and disturbing to know that in the year 2016 itself, almost a 100 Hindus have been brutally murdered while 357 have been left severely injured in Bangladesh. The mainstream media, which goes to countries like Syria to report the inhumane and barbaric crimes against the local people, but conveniently “forgets” to report such news from our neighbouring country itself. The media has been suspiciously silent on this entire matter.

The report has been formulated by the Bangladesh Jatiya Hindu Mohajote (BJHM). Apart from this, the report further reveals that “at least 1,109 Hindus have received death threats, and attempts were made to kill 18 others during the period”. The report shows data up to December 28th, 2016.

The BJHM executive president Sukrtity Mandal unveiled the report at a press conference held here in the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka on Friday.

He said, “the report was prepared based on reports published in different newspapers and their community sources.”

Terming the outgoing year “as the year of torture on the people of minority communities,” Sukrtity Mondol said that “many Hindu families were compelled to leave the country in the face of such plights and extreme sufferings.”

He also said that “some 711 people either left the country or were threatened to leave the country, while 209 idols were damaged and 22 others stolen.”

The BJHM president, Mr. Mondol further said that “22 people of their community have also been missing while 38 people were kidnapped and eight others are in jail.”

In this press conference, people like BJHM president Dr Protash Chandra Roy and secretary general Ananda Kumar Biswas were also present.

It is indeed tragic and unfortunate to see the people in our neighbourhood country suffering so much. Mainstream TV channels and English media, is still silent.