Read the Story of PM Modi Love for Pens. The cost of His Favourite Pen Will Blow your Mind!

Whenever we think of politicians, we get this image of boring and dull people who wear the same old khadi style clothes. However just like everything else, PM Modi has a different and unique sense of style. His clothing and sense of dressing is out of this world and a lot of other political leaders look up to him.

He is always seen wearing crisp, ironed and well tailored, customized jackets. He does not believe in wearing boring or dull colored clothes and therefore, he is appreciated for his unique and different sense of style all over the world.


Apart from this, you will be happy and surprised to know that he is also a huge collector and fan of luxury fountain pens. Besides his love for designer clothes, accessories and watches, he also collects premium luxury pens. His favourite brand of fountain pens is Mont Blanc.

Just like different people have different hobbies and interests, our PM Modi has the habit of collecting high end, limited edition pens. These pens are not at all ordinary or common. Rather, they are extraordinary and special. And in this manner, these are also some of the most expensive pen brands you will hear of.

Currently, the pen which PM uses that is the most costly – its price will blow your mind. In fact, the richest of the richest person on this Earth will think twice about purchasing such a pen for himself.

At present, the luxury pen from his most favourite brand, Mont Blanc, costs a whopping Rs. 1.3 lakhs. It is hard for anyone to believe this, isn’t it? And just like any other pen lover and collector, he has a special place in his heart for this fountain pen.

Thanks to his classy taste and choice, we got to know of this news. What things do you like to collect? Tell us in the comments.