People On Twitter Went CRAZY When Sonu Nigam Shaved His Head Challenging the Fatwa

Sonu Nigam shaves his head off after slamming directly at the face of a Kolkata-based Muslim cleric who announced a reward of Rs 10 lakhs to anyone who could be bold enough to tonsure the Bollywood singer.

This ruckus took place after Sonu Nigam’s tweets against the Muslim ritualistic practice on using a loudspeaker during the call of Azaan. He had complained earlier that with the use of loudspeaker during Azaan is a very disturbing practice. He even complained that this act was an act of forced religiousness and what the Muslims follows is an act of hooliganism.

A series of debate followed after Nigam passed his statement on Azaan. West Bengal Minority Council Vice President Syed Shah Atif Ali Al Qadri has asked anyone who could shirk Nigam’s head off and make him wear a garland of old shoes, Qadri would reward an amount of 10 lakhs.

Sonu Nigam, left stranded in this Azaan dispute, has shaved his head while expressing his resentment after issuing Fatwa. Nigam had called a press conference to clear the issue. Sonu Nigam said in the press conference that his statement which he tweeted on was not meant to hurt any religious sentiment.

He imposed his view on social topic, the noise pollution which was created with the use of loudspeakers. He mentioned clearly that he had a problem with the speakers and not the Azaan. But his statements were clearly misunderstood by the Muslim radicals.

Sonu Nigam now shaves his head fulfilling his claim and for this work, he chose his Muslim friend Alim . Alim Hakim is a celebrity hairstylist. Sonu Nigam said, “I could not even imagine that such a small thing would become so big.”

Even after Sonu Nigam shaved off his head the Muslim cleric Qadri was not satisfied. Qadri said that Nigam had not performed all the three things he asked for. Which includes shaving of head, wearing two garland of torn shoes and having a our around the country.

Qadri even mentioned that this is the only treatment for people like Sonu Nigam who gives controversial statements to get cheap popularity. Sonu Nigam had written that in the morning, the awakening given by the loudspeaker is spoiling his sleep and when he is not a Muslim, then why should he tolerate this religious fanaticism.

Sonu Nigam on speaking on this tweets which he had posted, stated that everyone has their own rights on placing their opinions. What he had posted was merely a social issue but people are stretching it to religious levels. He even mentioned the same for temples and Gurudwaras still people are misapprehending it.