Life lessons, we learn from the story of Ravana : The Demon king

Ravana, the great king of Lanka has always been portrayed as an epitome of evil. He has been shown as treacherous, diabolic and deceitful. But in actuality was he a different person altogether ? Though, he had done some unforgivable mistakes in his life and for that he was punished equally. But why Lord Rama bowed his head in front of a dying Ravana ?

Which qualities in Ravana were indeed laudable, we find out

Great Devotee

Ravana was probably the greatest devotee of Lord Shiva. It is said that, in order to please Shiva, he plucked out his nerves and began playing music as a sign of devotion to his god. Lord Shiva got impressed by his devotee’s dedication and penance, and gifted him his majestic sword, the Chandrahas. Ravana also composed Shiva Tandram Satotram, a hymn in praise of the great Shiva. Ravana was also a big devotee of Lord Brahma, who blessed him with the celestial nectar of immortality.

This unmatched resilience and dedication by Ravana shows that he was an ultimate disciple. He had utmost respect for his mentors. This level of loyalty and persistence must be revered by all of us and we must imbibe some part of it in our lives.

Highly Educated

Ravana was highly educated and was the master of all 4 vedas. He was a renowned scholar who was an expert in Ayurvedic texts as well. His 10 heads represent the magnitude of his knowledge. He was also called as the “Maha Brahamana” for his great education.

We should get inspiration from this trait of the great Ravana that education holds prime importance in one’s life.

Genius polymath

Ravana was many faceted and his skills spanned over a variety of subjects – from being one of the greatest warriors of his times, he was a genius musician who was a master of Veena and he was a great poet too as he composed hymns for Lord Shiva. Moreover, he was an able ruler and had impeccable knowledge of political science. When Ravana was at his death-bed, Lord Rama insisted Lakshmana to learn life’s lessons from Ravana.

We should learn from Ravana’s multi talented side. We should never become monotonous and disinterested in life. Curiosity to attain and learn new things should always be there in us.


Ravana was the greatest of great warriors, the most persistent disciple, the benevolent ruler and an unsurpassed scholar. But even he had some vulnerabilities and his notion to overpower the gods, led to the deeds which resulted in horrendous consequences for him. His arrogance and excessive self-pride made him blind in ego. He went on a spree to destroy everything coming in his way and as a result Lord Rama had to kill him. Nonetheless, Lord Rama knew about Ravana’s great stature and he paid respects to him while the later was at his last.

The story of the great Ravana who turned evil is a serious lesson for all of us that we must thrive and work relentlessly for our targets but we should never get ego tripped with our success, because that’s when our downfall starts.



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 Image Source – Abi Skipp via Flickr

By: Aashu dhawan on Friday, December 26th, 2014