Kashmir at Unrest : Stone Pelting by students on army, results to ‘lathi charge’ and arrest!

Conflicts between students and security forces rose between students and the security forces on Saturday at North and South Kashmir’s Pulwana districts.

This combat resulted in students getting injured. For the past several days, news of conflict between students and security forces is coming from different places in Kashmir.

A police official said that dozens of students from the government high school in the Neva area of Pulwana district protested against the alleged excesses of security forces. It is reported that the security forces were asked to retreat but they denied and started throwing stones at the soldiers.

The official also stated that the students attacked the security forces, after which the forces took to lathi charge and tear gas shells to disperse the agitated students. This massacre continued till the last news came.

Similar protests were also held in the city of Hondwara in Kupwara district where the students of the Government Degree College confronted the security forces. They said, that the students started pelting stones after which law and order enforcement agencies had to be forced to use the power of lathi charge.

On April 15th, on the eve of political raids in government degree colleges of Pulwana, the students protested at wide levels in Kashmir. Since then, protests have been stopped and due to which the authorities have taken precautionary measures, suspending class work for higher education institutions for a week.

The students are protesting against the alleged excesses of police and students and are demanding action against the policemen who beats them. There are also reports of arrest of several students during the conflict in Srinagar and elsewhere in the valley.