Kapil Mishra on row with Kejriwal- More facts reveal!

Former Delhi minister Kapil Mishra, on Friday, accused Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal of indulging in nexus with traders and mafias, saying that he would not be silent till he reached behind the prison bars.

Mishra who was expelled from Aam Admi Party (AAP), has accused Kejriwal of the press conference on Friday and said that the Chief Minister opposed the ban on converting black money into white.It is also pointed out that he had relations with Hawala businessmen and mafias. After these allegations, Mishra had demanded the resignation of Kejriwal, he also added that his life was at a risk.

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Neel who helped Mishra in collecting the alleged evidence on this matter was also present. Mishra then went on saying that he would drag Kejriwal by his collar and put him behind bars.

Mishra said, that the video of Mukesh Kumar accepting that he had donated 2 crore rupees was a fake video. The former minister said that in order to save the Director, Hemprakash Sharma of Rohit Tandon’s company, who was arrested during the Note-ban scenario, Mukesh Kumar was brought forward. The letter pad which was used during the time of giving the donation to Aam Admi Party is considered fake by Mishra. Even the signature on the receipt was considered fake.

First Kejriwal had said that he did not know where the money was received from the party, the Chief Minister is the former officer of the Indian Revenue Service and the law knows. That is why they will have to tell now where the donation of two crore rupees came from.

Mishra also questioned the date of the donation and said that when Mukesh Kumar gave a donation, he was not a director in the company at that time.