Iran Declares Open War if Pakistan Fails to Control Terrorists!

Major General Mohammad Baghery, head of the Iranian forces, told the news agency IRNA that they will not be accepting such situations which they have been going through for a very long time.

Pakistan has been issued a strict warning on behalf of neighboring countries, which has created a safe haven for terrorists. This warning has been given to Pakistan on behalf of Iran. The head of the Iranian Forces warned Islamabad on Monday that Tehran would attack his base inside Pak, if Pakistan did not stop Sunni militants from cross border attacks.

In the last month, 10 militants have killed 10 Iranian soldiers in the attack. Iran said that the organization of Sunni terrorists, Jaish-al-Adal is targeting their troops by staying inside Pakistan with long distance guns. Due to drug trafficking and separatist militants, the border areas suffer from long-term unrest.

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Mohammad Bagheri the head of the Iranian forces stated that they expect Pakistani officials to control the border and arrest the extremists and close their camps. He said that if terror strikes continue then terrorists will be attacked at the safe place, wherever that place is located.

Last week, the Iranian Foreign Minister went on a visit to Pakistan. During this, he had asked Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to improve the security situation of the border. From Pakistan, he had promised to deploy more troops on the border. In 2014, Iran had threatened Pakistan to send its army detachment to Pakistani territory at that time.

When Jaish-al-Adal kidnapped five security guards of Iran At that time, Pakistan had warned it not to cross the border while treating it as a violation of international norms. However, between a tension, a local Sunni cleric worked to remove the intermediary and solution, after which Iran avoided sending troops.

A few months later, four security guards were released from terrorist organizations, while one was killed.