Hundred attended for funeral of a Terrorist-No one to attend the Funeral of Indian Martyr!

7th May: Funeral of two people were fixed on Sunday at the Southern part of Kashmir.

One a terrorist from the group of Hizbul Mujahideen and the other was a policeman who was killed in his hands, Azhar Mahmood who bravely faced the terrorist, but no one other than his relatives and co workers were present to attend his funeral.

Thousands and hundreeds of Kashmiris emerged in the funeral of Fayaz Ahmed Aishwary which was about 10 kms from there. The crowd also contained of a group of terrorists who openly with their arms, AK-47 reached to pay their last tribute. Police officials stated that at least four terrorist appeared during the burial of Fayaz.

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In the gesture of salute, the terrorist started to open fire with their AK-47 to pay their last tribute. Azhar Mahmood and three other Kashmiri nationals were killed in the attack on Saturday (May 6th) in Anantnag by Fayaz and his three companions. After a road accident, the policemen engaged in repairing the traffic came to the target of the terrorists.

NDTV has stated in reference to its sources that the terrorists first tried to snatch guns from policemen. Mahmood held a terrorist throat but the rest of the terrorists threw him with bullets.

According to the police, Fayaaz Ahmed had a reward of 2 lakh rupees on his name. He was also involved in the attack on BSF camp in Udhampur in 2015. There is a tension in the valley since the Hizbul militant killed by Burhan Wani’s security forces last year. Support for terrorists is being found in South Kashmir. Police also believe that more than terrorists, the support of people getting them is dangerous. During the many anti-terrorist operations, local civilians arrive to oppose the security forces.

In order to control the growing activities of the terrorists, the Indian Army launched a massive campaign from Thursday (May 4th) on a large scale. In which the terrorists were raided through unmanned vehicles and helicopters. When the campaign was about to end, the terrorists suddenly attacked and killed a civilian and injured two soldiers.