Exclusive: Maoists attacks CRPF personnel again!

Maoists fights CRPF personel in Chhattisgarh.

Chhattisgarh: It is stated by the security specialists that the Maoists are now changing their mode of attack platform.

The region of attack is comprised of 118 paramilitary forces which has altogether 120,000 troops, now that Maoists have selected the aerial route for attacking them.

In the month of February, six rockets were exploded through the trees causing the a chain of fire around a police camp whose fragments were spread all around. The sound of the explosion raised an alarm for the security forces who were engaged in a very long rebellion with the Maoists.

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Today before stationing their camps the CRPF has cleared the trees and the shrubs to make the rebels sway away. But during the recent times the tress stands as a shield against the missiles which are shooted by the rebellions.

A senior CRPF officer involved in the anti-maoist operation says that the more the Maoists learn the plans and implementations of the security forces and the more the forces earn the same of the Maoist, their improvement is seen clearly more as the way the forces improve. In a simpler way, the Maoists adapts very easily.

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One of the projectile weapon which was recovered during one of the latest attacks was described to be as a ‘Rambo arrow.’ This was an arrow with a gun powder in its head, its said to burst the moment it hit the target. This arrow was projected through a traditional bow.

It is known that the CoBRA is a special unit of the Commando who are engaged in guerilla warfare. One of such CoBRA official had stated that the rambo arrows does not cause any major damage but they result in disorienting a human in the blanket of war.

It is studied by the Intelligence Officers that the rambo arrows uses the troops to come into open which make them welcome an ambush of gunfire.

The uses of rockets and other projectile weapons clearly indicates how the Maoists are changing their tactics of warfare and their advancement in this field.