China-Pak to bond with this country out of fear of India-Israel friendship!!

The strong friendship between India-Israel had been the talk of the nation and this is the reason where China and Pakistan, both being against India had been on serious thought on the reason for such a strong friendship!!

India had always wanted to keep good ties with its neighbouring countries, but it is these neighbouring countries who does not look into this in a positive manner. Earlier, Pakistan alone used to spread terrorism in India and now China along with the help of its army and its nefarious activities is trying to spread terrorism here.

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The China-Sikkim dispute is the big example of this. But China had been taught a lesson even on this issue, when India sent their army into the area which completely shocked China.

The point of discussion now is that fearing the growing friendship between India-Israel, China and Pakistan are now thinking of creating good relations with other nations. According to a newspapaer “The News International,” Independent researcher, Ayaz Ahmed had said that,”With India’s extra efforts to strengthen its military cooperation with Israel, China and Pakistan will also emphasize on strengthening their economic and security cooperation in the region.”

China and Pakistan now wants to create a good notion with Iran. To note, India and Iran shares a good note relationship, Modi had already been to Iran, and after this Iran had been a strict opposer of Pakistan in the terms of spreading terrorism, Iran and Pakistan shares a bitter relationship among each other. There had been news which states that regular or periodic firings were heard from Iran on Pakistan.

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Pakistan and China thinks that with the growing relationship between Israel and India, Iran will be agitated on India, and this would be a benefit for China, Iran being angry on India, India’s dream of reaching energy-rich Central Asia will be broken and strategically Iran would hand over the Chabahar port to China.

Modi had given a new name to India-Israel relationship, “India for Israel” and “Israel for India.”China and Pakistan are forgetting one thing, that is, where everyone stops thinking, there is when Modi starts. When Modi went to Israel, will he not think of Iran? China and Pakistan both needs to understand that Modi’spolicy is going to cost heavily for both of them!!