Biggest Disclosure:Knowing India’s biggest enemy…Isn’t it Pakistan??

It was interesting that two conflicting ideologies in the form of the League and the Left were speaking on this issue in a tone, just like they were against the British rule in 1942 due to different reasons India had opposed the movement. Both of these motivations were different in the face of George’s opposition to this statement.

The Sangh Parivar, where could not accept any other country other than Pakistan as the biggest threat to India due to its known anti-Muslim nature. At the same time, the Left was rejecting George’s statement due to his ideological fraternal relations with China.

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A large part of the media, including many so-called defense experts and analysts, had also taken a lot of interest for George. George today is still out of the current political scenario due to physical inefficiency and memory loss. But their estimation of China has been consistently proven to be a perfect test of time. The latest developments of the past one month are also showing that assessment.

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By the way, neither the Chinese threat is new to India nor has George Fernandes warned about him as the first politician. Indeed, when China invaded Tibet and captured it, it has been a threat to India since then. The country’s first warning of this danger was given by Dr. Ram Manohar Lohia. Terming the Chinese attack on Tibet as “infanticide”, then the then prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru had said that they should not recognize Chinese occupation of Tibet but Nehru, instead of following Lohia’s advice, did not delay Tibet as an indivisible part of China, while giving priority to his friendship with Chinese leader Chou En Lai.

This was the time when India became free only 11 years and China’s Red Revolution was also nine years old in the patronage of Mao. Our first Prime Minister Nehru was then dreaming of a socialist India, in which there was no place for war with China. On the other hand, Mao had to convey to the whole world that in the case of communist fanatics he is ahead of Lenin and Stalin. His capture of Tibet was the result of his conspiracy. Though by then the Dalai Lama used to live in Lhasa, but it was clear that his status remained only of a priest. And the ‘Red Roof’ on Tibet is the world’s roof.

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Despite all this, diplomatic relations between India and China have been very good for almost a decade. The top leaders of the two countries made many trips to each other.But since the 1960’s, the expanding intentions of the Chinese leadership began to take shape and its relations with India entered the winter season. Until Tibet was a free country, there was no border dispute between China and India, because then the Indian borders only met Tibet. But after Tibet was captured by China, the Chinese army deployed there started encroaching the Indian border.

The same time that the maps issued by China were India’s first shock. In those maps, along with border areas of India, some parts of Bhutan were described as part of China. Since the then Chinese Leader Chau En-Lai who came to India during this time, with pandit Nehru in Hindi, the pigeons of peace were shouting slogans of Hindi-Chinese brothers and sisters,Therefore, the emotional Indian leadership believed that the border dispute would be settled through negotiation.

But in October 1962, the emotional dreams of the Indian leadership were going to collapse when China’s army attacked India with complete preparation.Since our defense captains were also very anxious from China, our army lacked the existing military equipment.As a result, India had to suffer the saddle of defeat and China acquired our thousands of square miles under its expansionist nefarious designs.Thus, the fears expressed by Lohia during the Chinese occupation of Tibet proved to be true.

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After this deep wound from China, the relations between the two countries remained cold for about one and a half decades, which was the second half of the 1970’s the first non-Congress government in the center ended up to some extent. With the efforts of the governments of both countries, the diplomatic relations between the two countries have once again been restored.

Since then, diplomatic relations have remained between the two countries, the top leadership of the two countries is also going to visit each other and the Foreign Minister and Foreign Secretary level talks are also held between the two countries.During the last 15 years, trade between the two countries has also increased 24x. Many well known companies in China are doing business in India. Indian businessmen are also reaching China, but despite all this there is no change in China’s expansionist intentions. Sometimes his army goes to Ladakh in our area and sometimes in Arunachal. Even in his maps, he then tells these areas his terrain.

Under the latest controversy, the way China stopped Indian travelers going to Kailash Mansarovar and accused Indian soldiers of infiltrating their border with Sikkim. He feels that he is disturbed by India’s growing diplomatic activism. The Chinese media has even made the prediction of war between the two countries. In Chinese media, India is being described as a mental slave country working on America’s gesture.

The Chinese government is under the control of Chinese media and it shows the same impression that the government wants, so, it is easy to predict what the Chinese dictators are thinking about India.The Chinese ambassador located in India has also made provocative statements.The Chinese ambassador has said that the ball is in the Indian side and India has to decide which tensions can be overcome by adopting which alternatives. According to this statement, the return of Indian soldiers from Doklam area of Sikkim sector is a pre-condition of China.

The latest row between India and China began when the Chinese army started to build roads in Bhutan-occupied area.Due to the security related to Bhutan, India’s soldiers naturally intervened, which did not come to China.He has deployed his troops in a large number on the border from the Ladakh sector and has opened the air strips for a long time.After fifty years, the deployment of tanks on the border is also being done.There are many reasons behind the rise of the two countries, but the latest reason is that India’s growing proximity to the US and other western countries.

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The beginning of growing bitterness was during the Dalai Lama’s Arunachal tour in April, when the Chinese government’s mouthpiece People’s Daily commented that India seems to have forgotten 1962.Recently he repeated this point again. In response to this, Indian Defense Minister Arun Jaitley made a strong note that China only remembers 1962, But he should also remember the 1967, when the Indian army had expelled the Chinese soldiers. Jaitley also said that there was a lot of difference between 1962 and today’s India.

Some reasons for this problematic from China are also diplomatic. Indeed, China is engaged in the exercise of establishing itself as a major force in the world.The biggest obstacle to this path in his neighborhood is that he is seen in India. India has established business and strategic relations with other countries in the last few years according to its interests.China considers it a challenge for itself. He fears that Western countries are trying to encompass him through western countries. That is why he has taken many steps against our national interests.On the issue of membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group NSG, it is stuck in the path of India.Indian efforts to declare terrorists based in Pakistan-based terror groups as global terrorists have also failed many times by using veto in the United Nations.China’s relations with India are not comfortable on China-Pakistan economic corridor.

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It is true that India is no longer a 1962 country but there are no two opinions that China’s military strength is more than us. It has laid the trap of roads in our boundaries.Beijing’s rule also increased its strength by running a train to Lhasa. Now the movement of his army is much easier than us. It is not that China is just threatening us. Neighbors from Japan and Vietnam also keeps on threatening them.He is trying to increase his interference in the Indian Ocean, then he is getting challenged in the South China Sea.On one side, China is trying to increase his interference in the Indian Ocean, then on the other hand it is getting challenged in the South China Sea.

It does not seem like China will fight against India in such a way that it will be fought on many fronts. Whatever it may be, but can not even forget the fact that China is encroachable.Its latest activities on the Indian soil and the threat of war are once again proving that China is the biggest threat to India strategically.

There is an atmosphere of restlessness in the country with its threat. The political leaders of New Delhi busy in global warming. They arguably aware of the fact that the country is looking at them with hope for a drastic change..