America strikes Pakistan again..Stopped 2255 crore anti-terror funding!!

This time Pakistan was very much assured of getting the anti-terror funding from America. Even America was ready to give away the funds so that Pakistan can use the fund in their anti-terror activities.

But the dream of these fundings were shattered with the meeting between Modi and Trump. This is the secon time of the year that America stopped the funding to Pakistan.

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Today, Pakistan has emerged as the terror country and this has pulled up the facts which are risen none other than Modi and Trump. According to the sources it can be stated that Pakistan is now troubled after Modi visited Trump.

Pakistan taking the help of funds from America in the name of stopping terror will be utilising it against India. And this has been happening since long before. But this will not be repeated now. In the failure of luring out terrorists from their own homeland, America has now become very strict on Pakistan.

The anti-terror fund which was supposed to be given to Pakistan had been stopped by America the second year. America states that inorder to stop terrorism Pakistan had done nothing.

This is the second blow given to Pakistan by America in the last 24 hours in stopping the anti-terror fund. The continuous blows by America on Pakistan goes on. In the coming times it is noteworthy that America along with India will start military operations against Pakistan.

In the list of countries providing safe havens to the Terrorists, on 19th july America added Pakistan in the list, and said that terrorist organisations such as lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Mohammad were operating within the country.

On one hand China is making all hindu oppenents who are in India go against the hondu nationalisms and on the other hand Pakistan along with China wants to create tensions for India. But the way America is standing as a support for India, and the way both America and India had adapted strict attitude would really create worry for China and Pakistan.

Even today, India in response to Pakistan had gunned down 1 and injured 3. Pakistan is now paying for their own deed. The above screenshot is from a Pakistani news website!