Smriti Irani attacked Mamta Banerjee on the issue of Triple Talaq.

The Triple Talaq case is one of the ongoing issue which had ranked the highest in our country. The Muslim women pledges the court and the government to put a ban on this Triple Talaq.

In the Narada sting operation, the CBI has filed an FIR against the leaders of Trinamool Congress, which Mamta Banerjee, Chief Minister of West Bengal termed as a political game and she would answer it at the political level. On Thursday she announced this fight in a press conference in Puri, Odisha. They alleged that- BJP is a stain on Hinduism, regional parties will have to unite and on Friday they will also meet the Chief Minister of Odisha.

On the other hand, Textile Minister Smriti Irani in Kolkata also said, “I am in that state where a woman is the Chief Minister.” So, when we are talking about justice, I would like to know what to say on Mamta Didi’s judgement on Triple Talaq.

However, Mamta Banerjee duly fails to keep her opinion on this issue. Iraani’s question directly points to minority appeasement on BJP’s.

Here during Mamta Banerjee’s visit to Jagannath temple, the Bajrang dal and BJP’s youth activists shouted slogans at her to return back. The exhibitors protested on Mamta Banerjee’s visit to the temple as because she allegedly supported the use and the consumption of beef. Five people were detained on Wednesday for this protest.

In reply to these allegations, Mamta Banerjee had said addressing to the people of Delhi that “You people do not have the sanity of running the state and you are proclaiming to the country that Bengal, Odisha and Bihar are all bad and only you are good?”

West Bengal CM also said, “All regional parties need to have good relations together. If they (BJP) disturbs us, will we allow this to happen? We will enter their borders.” Mamta also states that BJP is a blot in the name of Hindutva. She said, “I am born Hindu and my Hindutva has not fallen like BJP who followsa policy of Divide and Rule.”

On Wednesday, Smriti Irani arrived in Kolkata to attend a meeting of the party’s barracks. When Irani was questioned about BJP’s performance in the by-elections in Kanthi South, she said, “The results clearly shows that the popularity of Trinamool Congress is decreasing in the state. ” BJP in the bypoll was in second place.

Smriti Irani made a lot of attack on Mamta Banerjee’s government. She said that the BJP workers are being beaten and threatened in the state. To add on, Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad also asked Mamta Banerjee to clear her stand on Triple talaq.

After the Narada FIR, the Left claimed that there was a stray between BJP and Trinamool. Although Smriti Irani has totally rejected it and Banerjee’s allegation shows that the tension between the two parties are increasing.

It is to be seen whether this tension turns into BJP tour of Amit Shah in Bengal next week. In a recent BJP Working Committee meeting in Bhubaneshwar, the party has announced the Mission Bengal 2021 before the assembly elections in the state four years later.