The Hidden Story of Dr Ambedkar.

Many political and social pets in India have completely messed with the ideological statements of Babasaheb Ambedkar They completely change the meaning of the statements and placed them in front of the society.

People are now stuck in this intellectual mobilization for which many people stray from as they do not know the exact meaning of the statements made. Commoners do not yet know the actual meaning of the ideological statements put forward by Babasaheb Ambedkar as they are misguided by the add-ons. As there are any stories and thoughts about Babasaheb which are hidden fro the oppressed masses.

The ideologies of Babasaheb are hidden to oppress the truth from both the sections of society. Many political parties, organizations are running the show by bagging from the commoners. They make creates the image of Babasaheb the target to grab the sentiments of the common people.

During his lifetime, Babasaheb had discussed on many events, many subjects and even provided logical solutions and logical arguments which if followed would have brought upon a radical change. But yet today media, neither discusses the right statement in front of the commoners as because today everyone is tied up in their own sphere.

Let us now study some unknown facts on Babasaheb Ambedkar.

  • Dr Ambedkar noted that the base of the Upanishads are both democratic and spiritual and are related to the Epics.

Dr. Ambedkar had participated in various socio-spiritual lectures where he stated that the Hindus should not be sought or search for independence and equality outside whereas there own scriptures and Upanishads reveal the originality of Hinduism. Going forward he published his own book “The Riddles of Hinduism” where he explained in details all about Hinduism. For his book, he took the reference of three great Epics.

  • Dr. Ambedkar was against sharing the water of Sindh river with Pakistan.

British Economist Henry Vincent Hudson in his book “The Great Divide-Britain-India-Pakistan” (1969) explained how Ambedkar was against sharing the water of river Sindh with Pakistan. Here Nehru and Mountbatten played the role of mediator in relieving Pakistan. In 3rd May 1948 a conference of officials sat in which Dr Ambedkar clearly stated that if Pakistan fails to understand that the water of the River Sindh falls under the law and order of West Punjab and the farmers of that province has their primary right over Sindh till then the water of the river will not be shared.

  • Dr Ambedkar wanted to make Sanskrit our national language.

On 11th September 1949, Dr Ambedkar passed a lawsuit to make Sanskrit our national language. He even raised this matter at All India Schedule Caste Federation, but Nehru gave importance to the English language for which Sanskrit could not attain the level of becoming our national language.

  • Dr Ambedkar always kept away from people asking for missionary charity.

Dr. Ambedkar had mentioned that he was against the missionaries as he was very suspicious about them. He was more inclined towards Buddhism. It is clearly noted that both Ambedkar and Babu Jagjivanram were against missionaries who tried converting the Hindu masses in the name of cooperation and offering help.

To conclude the gist of every point of Dr Ambedkar states that he had always showered light on the deprived masses of our country. But today the followers of Ambedkar keeps the facts as secrets. What a shame!