Rahul Gandhi’s campaign to luxurious lifestyle!

Campaigning had been one of Rahul Gandhi’s favorite stunt. A stunt for diverting the minds of people for the sake of getting votes.

Though his dream for becoming the Prime Minister of India has vanished in thin air, he is now in the spree of vacation apart from participating in campaigns in torn clothes.

Rahul Gandhi can only be found in the circumference of the media radar during his election campaigns or when he is among commoners visiting their houses to allow media capture his photo of opportunity. He magically appears in a place which seems to him a political advantage. There he wins some jackpot by his cheap political twists.

Rest, apart from these Rahul Gandhi’s whereabouts are not known. What he does or where he goes are strictly limited to his personal boundaries. But today, we shower some light on what he actually does apart from attending campaigns.

During these 10 years of Congress rule, we have not found Rahul Gandhi attending any session of the Parliament, nor does he participate in any discussion. He was not even involved in making any policies. His whereabouts ad always been kept a complete secret.

Though it is not to be forgotten that he has certain duties and commitments towards the country and its people being a body of the constituency. Since, he is a public figure and not a private one, he is bound to give us an explanation on his whereabouts. Even though he lives upon the money of the tax payers, he fails to answer about his trips which are kept such secretive.

Speculations were raised by the media that Rahul Gandhi spends most of his time partying away in foreign countries. Although he has his freedom to live the way he wants to, but its quite astonishing that a man who has his dream of becoming the Prime Minister of India can be partying away with his friends in a foreign land.

Rahul Gandhi had been seeing partying around and making trips to foreign lands and partying away with friends. He is well-known enough to be a party person, attending luxurious hotels and restaurants and is known to lead a luxurious lifestyle.

When terrorists attacked Mumbai in the year 2008, it was reported by the media that Rahul Gandhi was caught partying with his friends in a foreign country and was not able to arrive India on an immediate basis. So, there are incidents reporting to his casual and luxurious nature which is completely different for a person who dreams of running a country.