The Legal Heir of Jayalalitha’s Constituency!

Political waves of upheaval have been sweeping across the whole state of Tamil Nadu, it has been 5months yet the heat is uprising like never before.

There have been some extensive measure which brought about some variation in the Sasikala and O Paneerselvam camps of All India Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK). Among the measures were the charges of bribing the Election Commission of India against TTV Dinakaran.

Earlier both the camps of Sasikala and O Paneerselvam were fighting like cock and bulls with ablazed enemity for wining over their desired authority over Jayalalitha’s constituency- Dr Radhakrishnan Nagar.

This battle between the two camps has huge significance as because the winner of the party gets the whole of Jayalalitha’s constituency; the legal ruling authority and the vote of confidence of the common people. This left a mark as FIR was raised by the Delhi police against TTV Dinakaran and the camp od O Paneerselvam was the first to react. In the jest of action, O Paneerselvam sent probers to the Sasikala camp, to urge the to flee from Sasikala’s nephew TTV Dinakaran and merge hands with them.

Newly appointed Finance Minister of the Sasikala camp, D Jayakumar made a far reaching statement that the Cabinet and the Chief Minister, The MPs and the MLAs as well all the ministers and office bearers have merged hands and have taken a merged decision to keep Sasikala and family away from the affairs of the party. They have made a joined decision of keeping Sasikala’s family away from the affairs of the party and the government.

He further stated that a committee will be appointed to look after the day to day affairs of the party.

We can see the application of the Law of Thermodynamics as once Sasikala had been arrested on disproportionate grounds of asset and was shifted to a jail in Bangalore.

The Minister also mentioned that the party cadres had been raising voices to remove Sasikala and family from the party affairs, but none of the voices were paid heed to.

Now the most important query lies in the actual need for merging the parties:

A resolution is seen to appear between the two conflicting factors among the AIADMK where a ministry of 25 officials held a closed-door meeting to coe across a solution of reuniting and merging the two parties. The residence of Minister of Industries, P. Thangamani was used for this meeting. Members of attendance included several key officials of CM Edapi Palaswamy’s Cabinet Ministers.

It is quite clearly visible and the point is established that TTV Dinakaran was caught red-handed in a effort of bribing the election commission for the two leaves symbol.

In this attempt, an amount of Rs 10 crores had been exchanged. AIADMK will be losing their 2 Leaves Symbol if the charges are proved. If the charges are proved right then there is no way the party can make a comeback in Tamil Nadu.