Dear Muslims : Court Good For Babri : Court Bad For Triple Talaq ?

Muslim women in India today are paving their way to Supreme Court to file petitions asking for a ban on the Muslim nature of divorce.

This has become a burning issue today as Muslim women draped in black burqhas and naqabs are found in the streets raising voices in front of the media asking for a ban on triple talaq or verbal talaq given over sms, emails or through any other media. Oppression of women in Islam has already been seen earlier. But today women are protesting against the very nature of the Muslim doctrines for their rights.

Muslim women in India are fighting for their rights, making their religious scriptures (Quran) their base. They are now demanding their protection and security against the Triple talaq which was a very easy mode of getting rid of a women.

In independent India, we are now in a timely recession where one group of the most deprived and the most backward groups in the country – i.e the Muslim women are now fighting for their rights and justice. They are now demanding their rights in Quran as well as constitutional rights. They are raising question that when the Holy Quran does not have three divorces, then why do they have three divorces? They are looking for law and security from Supreme Court as well as the Government.

It is necessary here to say briefly that according to the Holy Quran Allah has not discriminated between the women and the man. Marriage for Muslims is a social agreement where both sides have equal rights and responsibilities.

Divorce is meant to be a scandalous and a bad thing. It has also been  said that the effort of reconciliation should be for at least 90 days and if it fails then it can be divorced in a fair manner. Of course one-way Zubani divorces or three divorces are completely non-Islamic.

That is why in India Shi’a society and in many Muslim countries, three divorce laws are not considered. Not only this, the Gender justice is a fundamental principle of Islam and it is obvious that the permission of the three divorces  is not enough.

But today, Muslim women in India are fighting for their rights demanding a ban on this triple talaq issue and also imposed that their should be a counseling factor involved for negotiating between the partners before the commencement of any divorce. It has also been noted that during a quarrel decisions are taken at a rage after which they are regretted and there are no options left for turning back. The whole method demanded a change.

In spite of patriarchy and conservative mentality, the rule of triple talaq still prevails in our society. Personal law board like melevendors  have come upfront to justify it. Although it is not correct in the light of religion or humanity for which it is important to have the view of our respected Prime Minister.

Prime Minister, Mr. Narender Modi stated that the Muslim women should be freed from this triple talaq system, and this statement can have far reaching consequences for our noble Prime Minister.

Our country follows a secular democracy where there are clear provisions about social justice, gender equality and gender discrimination. Article 13, 14 and 15 of our constitution has mentioned the justice and equality for every women citizen. Article 25 also states the freedom of religion. These rights are equal to every men and women.

Under these provisions petitions are filed and it is the sole responsibility of the government and the court to terminate the three divorces. It is the constitutional responsibility of both Prime Minister and the Parliament that they should provide justice to these Muslim women.

On the other hand personal law board has begun their own campaign of maintaining the three divorce system because of their patriarchal attitude. In the name of Code of Conduct they are just defining their male dominating attitude. They said that neither the government nor the court should interfere in their religious practices.

In the view of the code of conduct, double glance is visible. In the Babri Masjid case they directly wanted a verdict from the Supreme Court but in the case of Triple Talaq they become occupied with work.Muslim women should get justice fro Supreme court and their petition should be passed.

At the same time, Parliament should have a Muslim family law like the Hindu Code and the Christian law and the Parsi law so that the Muslim women receive their Quran and constitutional rights and they do not have to suffer from malignancy in the name of religion.