History Reveals the Treachery & Brutality of Muslims-A Look through the Ages!

The blood of treachery still marks the pages of our Indian history.

Betrayal, violence and murder was not only present among the enemies, but what we see here is a group of Muslim Jawans of the Indian army, killing the Hindu Gorkhas of the same battalion while they were in a deep sleep.

Before we go on, history witnesses that there were several Muslim Jawans who fought for independent India. But, our story here reveals how our minds can be altered by religion (here we are speaking of Mislim religion) when people get into murdering people for the sake of religion or a place in society and country.

Divide and rule policy was introduced by the British Raj, but this policy was followed by all who wanted to invade our country. Pakistan had been after our tail ever since, today we got a proof when they tried diverting the mind of Muslim Jawans and convinced them in killing Hindu men who were there in the same battalion.

Our story dates back to October 15, 1947, when Captain Prem Singh and his entire troop of Gorkha soldiers were stationed at Tharochi fort. The Gorkhas were given some time off as they were all tired and required some amount of rest.

It was then when  Major Nasarulla Khan called for a secret meeting which was attended by only Muslim officials of his battalion where they planned to wipe out all the non Muslims from the force.

After the nightfall, the Muslim jawans murdered the Hindu Gurkhas. Captain Prem Singh was the first to shed blood under the treachery of his Muslim brothers after which rest of the butchery followed. His entire troop of Hindu Gorkhas who were stationed at the fort were killed. Raghuvir Thapa their commander was murdered even brutally.

This incident was not brought into light until recently which created an immense amount of shock throughout the nation. This whole incident has been documented in M.N.Gulati’s book “Military Plight.” This book marks the treachery of the Muslim brothers who killed the Hindu Gorkhas of their own battalion.

This entire incident has left the nation in a state of shock. History has witnessed that how Pakistan has been after our country, how they wanted to invade and acquire Kashmir. Till today, our army has been protecting our country from such invaders. But if, the history follows itself then we are in a great danger,  in terms of humanity as well as our security.