Video:Kashmir turns into WarZone:Terrorists to be removed from Kashmir!!

Central Government into strategic planning to eradicate terrorists from Kashmir!

After the Amarnath Attack on the pilgrims in Jammu and Kashmir, the nation’s government had open declared the search operation to kill every terrorists.

The Center had asked the Military forces to implement the security plan with full synergy. After the terror attack on the Amarnath pilgrims the central government had reviewed the state’s security system.

An official of the Home Ministry stated that soon anti terrorist move will be undertaken in the country. In midst of all, the local police had sent a report to the Central Government. According to the sources, four terrorists were killed who were associated with the Amarnath attack. 2 of them were Pakistani terrorists and the rest 2 were local terrorists. The report stated that after the attack the terrorists had taken refuge to the forest of Kulmarg.

Home Minister, Rajnath Singh on Tuesday, ordered a high level meeting of the officials of the ministry. He also reviewed the security arrangements in Jammu and Kashmir and also asked to increase security forces for the Amarnath pilgrims.

According to the sources, Singh has instructed the officials to ensure security arrangeents as per the increase in the safety of the passengers. Besides the police, 21 thousand soldiers of the paramilitary forces are deployed in the Amarnath Yatra. More than 9500 jawans of the paramilitary forces are deployed in this route compared to last year.
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