Video: This is how Indian army responds to China’s nefarious activities around the border!!!

The brave soldiers of India has always been protecting our country by putting their own lives in danger. But, political parties like the Congress and the Lefties had always downgraded our soldiers!!

Today the Indian army is fighting three wars. One with China, other with Pakistan and the third in our own country against the terrorists present here. Today, it is the responsibility of each and every patriotic citizen to come forward and speak in favor of our soldiers which will thereby develop their confidence. Every nationals should now come forward and raise their voices against such leftists.

Today, we have brought in light this video which would amaze you to a great level, as it shows how well our soldiers protects us and our country along the borders. This is an old video, but the unconsentment which is going on between the two countries, this video shows how China displays their aggression.

In recent time, conflicts had bee going on between the two nations over the Doklam area, Sikkim. Both the armies are facing each other. China had threatened India to askits army to back off. In response, Modi had deployed many more soldiers there. This is the first time, when India had ridiculed on China. Earlier times during the Congress rule, China had never been responded so strictly.
Watch the video below: