Pakistan Plans to Hang Kulbhushan prior to verdict of ICJ.

The trial in the International Court of Justice is almost complete on Kulbhushan Jadhav’s case. In the hearing yesterday, India and Pakistan put their own faces in front of the court.

India accused Pakistan of violating the Vienna Treaty in its plea. After hearing the pleas of the both parties, the court is going to announce its decision soon. Harish Salve fighting for Kulbhushan case feared that Pakistan can hang Kulbhushan before the verdict of Internation Court of Justice passes.

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India in ICJ said that Pakistan had earlier rejected 16 requests from Councilors on behalf of India. In this regard, in the first paragraph of Article 36, it has been mentioned that such a matter can be challenged in the International Court.

According to Article 36 of the Vienna Agreement, India has the right to access the counselor. Pakistan has not given any information related to Kulbhushan Jadhav to India and Pakistan has not shown any allegations and evidence against Jadhav. The pressure of Jadhav was confessed to him.

After India’s plea, Pakistan told the court that India’s petition on Jadhav is non-essential, so, it should be dismissed. Khawar Qureshi from Pakistan said that Jadhav has the right to process the mercy petition. 150 days are provided in this connection. Which is considered to start even from the April 2017. Significantly the ICJ did not allow to play the video of Jadhav’s alleged confessional statement.

Actually, the whole case began when Pakistan arrested Indian retired naval officer Kulbhushan Jadhav on March 3, 2016, for alleged infiltration into Pakistan via Iran.

Immediately after the hasty decision, Pakistan’s military court convicted Jadhav for spying and sentenced to death on April 10, 2017. After this India challenged this decision in the Internation Court of Justice and the court banned the death of May 10th.